re-settled in Hungary from Rochdale, Lancs, England, and into a little village, doing a bit of greenish farming hoping for a quiet life... but stuff just happens...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

so far so ... triplets!!!

By Jove, he did it!! Soooo did it - I mean the little ram we couldn't picture doing it without ladder... anyway, Moxie 3 silly racka 0 as it stands. Born on the day before yesterday, so they'll be too young to be fondled by the eggsearching toddlers tomorrow. But they can look... 3 is unusual, as ewes' have two teets only; Lujo said that an exceptionally good mother can bring them up, but usually after about a week two lambs decide to attack the third one together, so we have to watch, and that point the unlucky third will go for handrearing by Erzsi. But so far all three seem to be thriving. Our other resident expert (Alan) thinks the racka will also have young one in a few weeks - will see. No photos yet for purely skeptical superstitious reasons - but I promise, they are cute. Though the white one (last born) seem to be hairless. The others medium and dark brown with lovely faces.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

marvellous spring

lovely balmy weeks, everything is bursting out and a month before the usual time, peas, cherries all look good, especially as all were a month or more late last year. We badly needed rain - that's the problem with lovely warm times - but the cold front arrived yesterday with vengeance, nasty winds and maybe enough rains. Not too cold - though today in Siklós there was hail,which is weird as it wasn't the usual hot summer conditions for it, no thunder and stuff like that. Anyway, it seems, no damage was done. Moxie seems definitely pregs, very big and Lujo the sheep chap is sure, and says it is not too late. Erzsi is looking after our freshly hatched new lot of running ducks and chicks, goose and Guinea fowls eggs just been put in the incubator, exciting times, even if we won't fully participate until June, as we'll have about a week in Budapest, then foursome friend arrive from the UK, and then we go to spend some time in Italy with Martin and Sharon, staying in Vicenza. I manage to give three trays (90) eggs for this year's easter egg-collections, pleased with that. It'll happen in "this" yard, not in front of the hostel house, as the ducks are there. We have more nooks and crannies here for hiding eggs and no ducks mess. And easier to serve the elderberry drink with the cakes. Happy Easter eggcollection to you all!! Alan is working flat out going to paint the house outside, including the bit that look sort of rustic behind the new to us bench which also need painting. Decided not to ask Soppi who haven't done as good a job as it looked a t first glance, never mind. Fotos show how nice the raspberries and grapes doing and even the fence is greening out at the chicken run.

Monday, April 07, 2014

In case you missed

Election results Hungary 2014 (of those who voted): Fidesz (rightwing fascistoid) 44.4% which gives them 2/3 majority in the parliament with the new election laws (as well as the old ones did in 2010). the (so called) left opposition: 25.9% Fascists (Jobbik):20.5% only other in parliament: LMP (trying to be green and different without being any of that:) 5.2% The biggest party: those that stayed home - 39% of eligibles. Good news: they didn't go out to vote for the fascists. Voila capitalist democracy at work.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

sadmadbad elections

well our present Leader made sure he stays. Elections will be on Sunday, forgone conclusion, unless people were really bullied into terror and lied to all the questionnaires. . New election district boarders set up favouring them, tons of moneys granted to any party who manage to collect a few hundred signatures, so the opposition is further fragmented. They don't just want to win, they want to keep the 2/3 majority in the one-house parliament so they can go on again without asking the opinion of anyone, including professionals in whatever area they make amazingly stupid laws about. They line their pockets so openly, that I really have to think people -are- idiots to vote for them, when such a small minority benefits. and then I haven't mentioned the fascists, who are getting a load of the even more ignorant therefore understandable "I hate them all" votes. Hungarian health system and education slid down in the last 20 years from top 20 to around the glorious 50th place, as in most other category of international statistics. Waiting for miracle... while holding my nose and vote for the die-hard capitalists, who call themselves socialists around here (too). If I will be allowed to vote, I haven't received a card, maybe they even know who would vote against them - turning into a bitter conspiracy nut, like everybody else...

Saturday, March 29, 2014

glorious spring (touch wood)

It was a phantom-rabbit-pregnancy, however - judge from the fotos and take bets - the sheep might be, as both have big bellies even after their wintercoats gone; Lulo came over and did them with his new electric sheerer. It would be lovely if new-born(s) would appear before next weekend - Jutka and Hani are due for a visit, also nice to have lambs for the village toddlers Easter egg collection. We usually get the little kids, the older ones have a more challenging terrain. Tuesday Alan had the tread-mill test ("terhelés" I don't know the English equivalent) had to walk then hurry then run while his heart activity was monitored. He did excellently! His specialist was pleased, no intervention necessary, though has to continue with all the medicines except one. We are continuing with the table-tennis whenever the unlocking of the fitness room is remembered by the relevant well-muscled village youth. Alan turned over all the garden and the planting is going well, we could do with some rain. Hippo had the trouble fuel pipe replaced and the roo-bars were put back with the extra spotlights. So we are in a positive mood at present in spite of the relentlessly mad sad and bad world that includes parliamentary elections here in Hungary, which is likely to see the present semi-fascist Fidesz win, openly or overtly aligned with the proper fascist Jobbik as the opposition is so pitifully growth/market/cuts oriented, that voting for them is really really difficult, I am not even convinced of their anti-fascist credentials, the way they had set up the prison-camps for asylum seekers when in power, is not promising. Still, I got good books, got good music - some dvd-s though the new ones were a disappointment so far, Breaking Bad did not work, I suspect some weird UV or what feature messed it up for the TV as well as the PC, and Outnumbered first episode annoyed us no end - we belong to the old school of parenting, never mind... the fotos show mostly the sheep being de-fleeced and after, so that you can have a good look if they are pregs, and general early spring vistas, with the flowering cherry trees. the Siberian plant that maybe does something this year,

Sunday, March 16, 2014

back and busy

Cold and shining Albion (well, the Manchester bit and the tram) behaved well, and we had a rather good time. Dad and Muriel are well and having as much good time as can be had. They made our stay cosily comfortable. Though their swimming and sport days stopped, which is not good. We had lovely meals home and away, put on 1.5kg each, which is not too bad considering the frequency and quantity of food we managed to get through and relish. Also we managed to spend some time with friends and Carole looked after us, too. The travel itself was smooth if tiring both ways, staying with Marta was as pleasant and relaxing as ever. So. We are back, and it is nice to be out of the chilly winds of Lancashire. Alan is busy plowing and planting as we speak, hopefully not overdoing it. White rabbit is making a nest that busy travel home from the market seems to have done the job and we should have little rabbits sooner than expected. However, no surprise on the sheep front - no lamb this year even though with all that fleece they look enormous. The house - we are clean and beautiful - poor Erzsi had the runs while we were away but still cleaned the place up sparklingly. the colours are a bit lighter off-white than it looked in the book, but it doesn't matter; the more light the merrier. We look sort of modern and nearly minimalist, but slowly we put back all the nig-nags, the pictures. The casettes and books will take some time if we mean to dust and sort them as well... no hurry. I don't feel like editing the fotos. you are getting the lot without any particular order. Note the winter lettuce, the brand new tram in Milnrow, blue sky and handsome town hall in West Didsbury and the new walltiles in the kitchen...