re-settled in Hungary from Rochdale, Lancs, England, and into a little village, doing a bit of greenish farming hoping for a quiet life... but stuff just happens...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

proper spring

we had another pleasant weekend in Budapest; the fateful meal went well with Norman and Ani, with Alan being good at strategic placing and being amiable. The gundel pancake was a disappointment, and Alan ended up with a very nuvo-couzine (sp?=tiny) steak and meal was drastically overpriced, but the main thing was to meet at last and nobody being unhappy. Went to a concert of classical guitar to the Zsolnai center and found a new bit - a beautiful room "Apostolok". It wasn't big but was full, Csaki Andras (hope I got this right) was the artist, and Vic and Maggie liked it too, and they know about these things. Another very enjoyable evening He played a piece by Rozsa Miklos - the other one. Took Erzsi and Tibi to Siklos yesterday to shop and afterwards had a look at Timi's new place in Harkany, and had cakes. She is infinitely better off then she was in the basically horrid house they rented in Kiskassa - for the same money - to my amazement. supposed to rain a bit today, but started with 15C at 7:30, so can't be bad. Chickens are happy and Bonz was not barking at me like mad, so it looks like a good day, though poor old Jani bácsi - his wife of 57 years suddenly died in a brain haemorrhage - "still planted beans last night" he said, we are quite upset. I thought uptil now that it was a second marriage, she looked so much younger than him. I attacked grasses (delicacy for rabbits and hens) in front of the house while waiting for icecream man (oops) and now worried about back, so far so good. Tomorrow table-tennis! It is arranged that nice village woman Magdi will clean other house and stables before Pete and Boully come. I hope she's perfectionist, would be nice to have it done properly once. Pictured are Siklos and Kiskassa views, our mandarin-tree (thank you bears) I cannot downsize photos with our new setup, that's why recently they are over 1M - I wonder how long before blogspot step on me, though they allow videos now - must have been changing to those large databanks I've heard about recently...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

busy April, back for a short while us mobile old'ns

not long - off to Bp again for the weekend, as Drew's folks are visiting, and we'll have a long expected meeting ( a meal) with them. Dad's bday, Martin and Sharon's visit in Kiskassa as well as in Budapest went well, not counting the heartache of them living so far,with the usual not too worrying hiccups - old and odd parents (us) behaving and feeling silly, mostly. As for the farm - Imre - a friend of Timi's who just moved into the village, looked after it excellently. Erzsi was not well again - this time it was a nasty allergy reaction/inflammation. The geese are sitting on eggs, which never happened (to us) before, very exciting. Alan's onions look good, other stuff planted, lettuce pickable under the glass. Unfortunately the sorrel is now open to the sheep, but Alan says he planted some. Fotos are all from the mobile, so when flash usually needed, they're a bit hazy. Women's day; Dad's birthday, classic (retro?) cinema visit, my happy sis, Kiskassa fitness room, the site of our aggressive table tennis when we can get to it, kids, such as Martin's somloi galuska. . The weather was fine all the way through (even in Milnrow, mostly) with cold gusts.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


(last Saturdays) Alan will be home alone from 4, as this year the women's they do is exclusive and quizless, which makes it less tedious, so I'll show my face. Besides, we get flowers!! (sort of compensation in ex-soc countries for not being equal...) I hope Erzsi comes down, too; she's feeling better and she's hardly ever goes anywhere. If it is this nice tomorrow, we might go the Pécs market, see how we feel. (later: she didn't come, but I managed to smuggle the flowers for her. There was a whole meal (sans cakes) and loads of good Villány wine and some rubbish about the history of international women's day -well the history wasn't too bad, but the report on how everything is ok, and sort of making out as if it was Mother's day versionB that was annoying). Alan's out digging and such all day, even when he says. is his day off. No cooking today, tons left of chard mulligatory soup, greek giant beans, vadas-sort-of rabbit and a little bit of egg-spagetti to soak up all that juice. No cake, though I have the horrible feeling we might get some at the women's thing. I have good kindle (Richard Ford: Canada) good book (Jókai: Egy az isten} loads of xwords and sometimes skeptic messing and ok, a tad annoying weekend Népszabadság. I might even walk the sheep family on the top of the sunny hill like yesterday. I might make a panoramic photo if I remember to take the camera

(today) Alan is helping Erzsi to get her 20 factory rescue hens this morning and she is a bit overexcited. Nice day. Been to Siklós yesterday to get rabbit medicine (mummy rabbit has some nasty stuff in ears) on The Day (42nd) we had a pleasant afternoon in Villany making it a lobster-less but very nice celebration, including sitting outside with our latte, warmed by the sunshine. Unfortunately the traffic doesn't seem to use the alternate route around the wine-cellar main street, which the rogue crew that wrecked our house were building. There are new posh establishments that need trying out "Halasi" had rakottkrumpli on the otherwise select menu We sat at their comfy chairs and did not need the thoughtfully provided blankets. We went in to our usual ones for wine and strudels and had nice chats with the locals. About kids living abroad, and how useful the internet/skype is. my panoramic views need sticking together. It is pretty, honest, even with its after-winter grayness.

roll on the spring!! (forgot to press publish on this from a few weeks ago?)

whatever the thermometer says!! We got the first of this years lambs, so there! To our wonderful Moxie, not three this time, so they are huge and beautiful, and boys I'm afraid, say no more, wink, wink. Crocuses are out in a shy sort of way, tulips just show lots of healthy leaves. The orange tree (inside) that was a gift from the bears has fairly continuously for the last few weeks dinky white flowers that smell amazing. Can't see any small oranges - maybe for that it needs a bee or two? Wonder hens - these are self raised - have been laying all through the winter and often 8-10 per day, we have to think about pickling eggs. Though with Easter egg collection coming, I'll be able to give away a few trayful. Now getting ready for table-tennis, as a compromise, Monday and Thursday morning is ours in the fitness room - which is not optimum, as often we are not here at this very time, but better than nothing. The future of the village unemployed looks bad - they cut the number of the communal workers drastically - you know, the election year is over - only 8 young and 3 adult starts this March; there were 23 places last year. There is a wooden outside scheme going to give work and a bit of training - there are benches and pick-nick tables springing up all over the public places. We were thinking of ordering some of these sturdy furniture, if the burocracy allows such a thing. The big news: Sharon and Marci are coming from far away, cold Toronto at Easter - which is so near! But before that we are off to Milnrow, to have a quiet celebration of dad's 90th, he wants the big deal in the summer.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

busó carnevals warning

we retraced the walk on the "Mohács island" that is not an island, remember the mosquitoes? Well, none of them this time, just general dilapidation of all those holiday homes on the Danube bank. still enjoyed the ferryboat (free for Alan!) the drink in the little also seen-better-days canteen and landlady still on the other side of the river. Lovely sunny if at time chilly days, the busó festival was mad and noisy, the little hotel comfy enough (and should be for the rather large seasonal price, who cares) hope to put fotos on the blog one of these days. If new laptop cooperates. just back home, Alan is out chasing sheep that fancied the greener grass on the path. xxx

(Some history as requested) The monument on the way to Szigetvar is of the sultan Suliman, the Magnificant about the greatest of Turkey. And the one he'd overcome, that of Zrinyi Miklós (who famously "run out" of his Szigetvar and got heroically slaughtered rather than giving up, like a realistic person would) He, like most Hungarian heroes in fact was of a different ethnic origin - croatian. The only real ethnic hungarians are the ones the Austrians claim their own, like Liszt Ferenc. Going on to kifli, it is actually comes from a German word, kiffel or some such, so it was probably Viennese origin as you said, as the turks were beaten back from there successfully. Not like the Hungarians, who as you know, couldn't get themselves together at and after the catastrophic defeat at Mohács. Also the Mohács "busójárás" festival/carneval was started by the Sokac people (type of Croat) who were settled around Mohács in the 17hundreds, quite a bit after the turks gone - probably brought it with them rather than inventing it. So again, it was not heroic hungarians frightening the turks away with their satanic masks... still, it is very good fun. I bet they'll stay friends with you, like everyone tends to who spends even a few hours with you!! Even if you are basically a curmudgeon, together with my awful husband, who is doing his morning round outside in the unseasonal beautiful not even cold sunshine. He dug up the garden with his little machine that started easily this year, and I can see he is bursting with the pleasure of doing some onion planting today... the pigeons are probably eyeing his effore twith interest. We got a really noisy cockerel, well, we have two, but the boss is obviously the noisy one. often starts 4am - even did it in the middle of winter when the sun was at least 3 hours away yet dammit. It's too beautiful creature and seems appreciated by the hens, otherwise it would be for the pot. ps. never believe anything of Alan stories, you should know that by now!! A few Budapest/Kassa/Venice fotos got mixed in the Mohács ones just to confuse you.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

made it into February. Ping-pong crisis resolved with a compromise; monday and thursday mornings the place will be opened, we'll see. Cannot check it out till Thursday, we'll have busy times coming. We have two appointments in the Siklós hospital, one for my heart - just to make sure it's doing a proper enough job - and Alan's gallbladder, which sometimes is bothersome. Thursday evening is puppet theatre time (, we found them one day by accident, after re-discovering the Apollo movie-cafe, in an odd little shop, and invited in by the spectacular moustached owner, who told us about this next for-adults performance to do with a Rejtő novel, and apparently lucky, as there is only room for 40. And for sunday 15th we booked two posh hotel days for Buso festival in Mohacs, which Alan has never seen. The sun is shining as I type on the old keyboard which goes with our New Laptop we getting through the usual not-quite-as-it-was hiccups - Marc barc I suppose the Hungarian character arrangement will have to wait - meanwhile I have to toggle and use the new keyboard for one and t'old for the other when writing longer or official texts. Otherwise it is marvellous - much quieter than the old box, which the Siklos people refused to put together again, which is sad, because it worked if Alan kicked it in a the friendly way. Temperature around zero. silly racka - the one with the twirly horn - gone to freezer - no kids for 2 years and hurting other sheep and dangerous for hopefully expected new arrivals. Lots of big rabbits gone to the same resting place I'm afraid. Yum-yum. got fotos - showing this year's xmas tree facing the outside world, winter raspberry and grapewine corner, the new laptop setup, and Bears! The orange-tree is flowering!!! I forgot to mention in the last blog - after long years we met up in Budapest with Julianna and Roy - very pleasant hours spent partly in Alan's fav cafe and lunching in their fav eatingplace, very reasonable and very nice food, name escapes me as per usual, near Corvin on Blaha Lujza.