re-settled in Hungary from Rochdale, Lancs, England, and into a little village, doing a bit of greenish farming hoping for a quiet life... but stuff just happens...

Friday, August 21, 2015

processing times

Besides having a trip to Bp to say byes to Sz and Dr (very pleasant 3 days) we were sitting out the heat and picking stuff. Magdi cleaned the windows, we are sitting pretty - there is supposed to be a video of the houses on the otthoncentrum website, but cannot see it. So this is more of a photo session - you can see the hail of the giant storm I mentioned last blog; some arty grape/fig/raspberry shots, the festival of light we are having now, Alan with his fav exhibit, and of the first communal meal (unfortunately they have it on each of the four days - too nice, yesterday stuffed cabbage, today bean-gulyas and strudel baked in the kemence. You can also have a look at Eric; the usual produce still-lives; the mandarin-tree the bears given us, the little roses we had for my birthday from Sz+Dr; the new wood furniture freely provided on the street, made by the village public labourers. Who will eat all these carrots - we plan to be in Greece for 4 months of the winter. Next few buckets will be given away. Wish us good luck - the table tennis championship tomorrow and we haven't played for about 6 months.

Monday, August 03, 2015

tropical fig days

yes, about the weather. Had horrid worst ever hail storm about 10 days ago - half-inch diameter ice pieces coming down heavily for more than 15 minutes. Luckily we picked the last lot of apricots the day before. From the giant Canadian lettuces the middle bit was left to use. It turned out that the few sweet-corn happily grown to normal size without leaves. Got eaten yesterday. The wine grapes gone funny, the eating ones and the raspberries are ok, most things recovered, though I'm not sure that there is time for marrows and cukes to grow again. There are some greengage - first time properly, the few that was not damaged. The figs are however going in a big way - wonder what to do with them, only so much one can eat, and we haven't touched the jam and compote I made last year... so now we have a bit of storm and rain every evening, a bit heavy before, but fairly fresh after, not too hot, 32C during the day, down to 20C at night. Oh, the carrots. Don't mention carrots. Tons of them still to process, even though it seems as I've been doing them forever. Animals all ok, little rabbits are getting bigger, ducks ditto, and one of the mummy-ducks is sitting on eggs again. Geese are nasty, sheep are sheepish, Bonzo getting fat. And we got Eric, the new cat that chosen us. Needs to get done if we are serious about this. Done fleaing and worming so far. Very affectionate and frightened of the storms and incredibly lazy. Tabby.We had the village saint's day (Anna) the Búcsú, we had a German youth choir down for the program from the Pécs Canta festival. We had Ida and Dotti visiting from Denmark - they were hostelguests a few years ago and stayed friends on facebook. Entertainig few days, and they made cake, too. Also had Jutka and Hani for 5 days - they both behaved well, so that was pleasant, too. My (lack of) big toe nail healed ok, not very pretty. Jenő and Guni took us to a Kassai Lajos horse - farm place. The area very pretty, the horsey show was a bit tedious (Kaposmérő) but we had an adventure with the waterbuffalo - that large black beast decided to play silly buggers and chased us a bit. Alan will enjoy to tell you the details in person... The gray cattle left us alone and we did not meet the wilde pigs... The meal in the Kassai restaurant was very pleasant. There were probably other stuff happening - but I was not making notes... the photos show a Canadian lettuce pre-hail, the apple tree that seem to be dying since the hail, the danish girls with the cake, beetroot in mid=process. Should have made one of the beautiful new bench and flower boxes the council gives away to all who promise to look after them. They are in front of no 71, and look rather good. Next time. I started another Futurelearn course, Childhood in the digital age.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

and now the photos

got home after a nice morning with surprise Tisza ferry and a hot and bothersome afternoon, with not being impressed by Hortobagy, though the pancake was good. After kicking most of my big-toe-nail off in therefore horrid Tiszafured, we arrived to the peaceful refuge of Szolnok Hotel Tisza. Next day back home - with everything waiting for us to be picked and processed. Luckily, the weather turned and is now is href="" imageanchor="1" >hjust right. unfortunately I don't know how to put titles to the photos - you have to guess... includes some birthday and Szekszard.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

lILLAFÜRED holiday

Our week here in the Tókert Hotel is just drawing to a close, tomorrow we are off to Hortobágy on our way back home. Luckily the unusual heatwave to end, so hopefully our drive won't be too uncomfortable (there is no aircon. in Hippo). We had a lovely time - feeling guilty continuously as supporting the greeks from such a beautiful place, eating such uniquely fine meals if expensive ones here on the terrace looking out to the lake surrounded by the mighty beech forests. While Erzsi and Tibi are looking after the farm heroically, as there the temperatures did reach 40C. The apricots harvest awaits... Besides having lots of lazying about, we did some touristy things, had a brief look at Miskolc, found a Greek Orthodox church with very impressive icons, used the forest railway about 4 times and some other stuff I cannot think of. Eaten the locally produced trouts extensively, including the special smoked variety - extremely nice. Photos coming when back home. By the way - we are flying to Greece on the 30th October, for our long planned 4 months winter stay, we found a beach-side villa to rent in Agios Andreas (Might have spelt it wrong) South Peleponese. And probably man the barikades there. yesterday was the hot trip to the Diósgyőr castle, quite impressive, guided tour by girls in knight-era dress (poor things) and knightly tournament demo afterwards. Luckily found cool wine cellar to watch it from. Had hot sprint to catch little train back, but before that we had a quaint hour in weird place opposite castle, entertained by old bar pianoplayer, old piano-teacher, our hostess and friend singing and dancing, because they felt like it, we were the only guests having the only dish on offer, kemencés lilahagymás tejfölös szallonnás lángos - rather nice. today we went into the Szent István barlang, 10 min walk from here, freezing to death (it was 10C) with 50-odd polish schoolkids. Very impressive cave with them stallag-things. Had soup/cake/coffee in the Palota hotel, very nice. Sat inside, the terrace with the view was like an oven. We were thinking of going to the trout farm later, but it is closing at 5pm. In fact everything but the posh places close here 6:30pm latest, weird. Asked why, they said they were too hot. But at 6:30pm it actually starts cooling with more people venturing out... this is Hungarian style market capitalism...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

ecohun details - to whom it may concern...

as we lost our website... to whom it may concern... Marc, maybe we should engage that website again... just in case... being out of date is better than nothing... landline: +36 20 919 4813 mobile +36 20 919 4813

Sunday, June 21, 2015

midsummer, or start of summer

but after a couple of weeks of heat now back to lovely early May weather with chilly mornings, but with June's raspberries and black cherries. Alan is back, did well organising a bit of care for his dad, who seems to be recovering from a week of hospital stay. However, as he enthusiastically got back to the garden-stuff, when filling The Hole he pulled a muscle behind his knee. Couldn’t stand on it first so was a bit frightening but getting better quickly - except for the strong tablets the doctor prescribed that are not good with everything else except that particular bit. So after being released from farm duty I am back, not to my biggest pleasure. Photo shows him with his zigger-zagger machine before doing that muscle in. I forgot to mention, that besides Hippo being cleaned and MOT-d earlier by AutoAttila, the garden and the paths were beautifully cleared of weeds, by Magdi, who is a very efficient workaholic. Oh, and managed to organised the sheep being sheered by a Vok@ny very talkative retired shepherd. Fantastic job, by hand, he derided electric stuff. very cheaply. He cut the nails, too. Said they were nice large sheep. And now very happy, running about about 10kg lighter. I finished my first Futurelearn course "what is the mind" that I viewed with some skepticism as in the first lecture to word "neuropsychoanalysis" was introduced... Anyway, as it happened the course was ok, I did learn a few things and had lovely discussion with the other participants. I registered for 2 more courses from September. By the way, Juci is preggies. Got a good looking street bench, all who applies gets it from the council. Also, free food pack was distributed to all permanent residents of the village - gave ours to Erzsi's. There was a free lecture about family-tree research in the Telehouse, fairly interesting, but left after 90minutes of it, chair was not comfy. Happy father'sday. and bday to Carole and Chris. Oh, we received some delicatessen french coffee from Carole, they are back from their Paris trip. We have two tabbie visitors, one more permanent then the other. He just eats, meows, and sleeps, I cannot see any inclination to catch mice. Bit choosy in the food an'all. Done worming and de-fleaing (hopefully) We'll see how permanent this is before neutering. Very friendly. Too much mindering.