re-settled in Hungary from Rochdale, Lancs, England, and into a little village, doing a bit of greenish farming hoping for a quiet life... but stuff just happens...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

lazy autumn blog

so, what can I do, time flies - not that any of you'd been missing the blog... there were a few weeks of quiet farm-life with tons more processing of produce - one has to do something with it... pickled paprikas and cabbages, grape juice, etc - while rabbits are growing, lambs ditto, freezers full - we have to decide what to do, as we plan quite a lot of time away this winter. Alan started a free course on the internet about psychiatry or something - he should tell you about it. If I were a bit more diligent, I'd tell you all about the fairly diverse reading matter we are going through lately. Like my present one My isl@m by Amir Nasr amongst other fairly informative stuff, making me feel guilty about not using this "blogosphere" in a more productive way. anyways, we had a mini-break, went to Lake Balaton, where we haven't been for yonks, with the excuse of attending my aunt Edith's (in her 91st year) exhibition (graphics) in a gallery of a pretty little village in Lovas, North side of the lake. Unfortunately, we had to come home a bit earlier, as Erzsi is not feeling well, they had the emergency doctor out who thinks is angina, but the silly woman wouldn't go into the hospital "they don't do anything over the weekend" the mind boggles. Also it seems the building worker brigade left us in a hurry - suspicious circumstance maybe, I thought they suddenly decided to go home to Mezőtúr, their place of origin in the Alföld (allegedly) as they left their van and loads of materials and their weight-lifting aids, and tons of cloths - and rubbish and filth - and thought they would return when the rain stopped - but alas, not jet since last Wednesday. I have no idea how long to wait and what to do. Oh, they do owe for two weeks' rent... I wouldn't mind that much if they haven't promised that they'd clean up - they did keep it ok until the last few weeks. The photos show a nice walk to our local fishing lake a week or so ago on a wonderful afternoon without rain - rare lately. A few about the village -same time. Then the Balaton trip - first day we stayed in a lake-side hotel in Balatonalmádi, next day in one in Alsóőrs, near the little harbour and it's pretty park. Sorry about unsorted and tons of them - I realized the volume is not limited anymore, makes one lazy. Hope you like some of them.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

catching up attempt

so then Szonya came and we've been to Siklós baths, she did a bit of wwoofing, making a nice fence that still stands, should photo, very picturesque. Took her to foot care and we chickened out of the dentist's never mind, lovely meal in the Vasút. Then Marta came and we went to Guca, just the two of us, Alan was not upto it, even though it was his idea to start with... we had a great time with Marta, and so did Alan at home under the usual care of Erzsi, everyone managed to relax. Photos of Ilok - an aristocratic residence on the Danube, lovely river-facing air-con room for 35euros, including breakfast. We liked it so much, that after two days of Guca we returned here for two nights. The Guca trumpet festival was just indescribable - you have to see it and more importantly, hear it! Then we got home and first the new kittens arrived, then Jutka with grandkids Hani and Fecó, just in time to appreciate said kittens, named by them Cirmi (the tabby) and Folti (the white spotty one) The kittens are very well behaved, do all the sweet things and all the non-sweet ones where they're supposed to. Also we have tenants in the empty house, a builder brigade from the Alföld having a long contract to build bits to the new road that will go round Villány, so that the street of wine-cellars will be free of traffic. And we had the annual (6th) Kiskassa Festival of Light which was downsized to three days, but all 3 contained a first rate show,(Misina folkdance group: and the sensational Band of Streets for a Veszprém view but not so good soundtrack but this is better from their Istambul tour Free Kiskassa festival food and free drinks - all gone very well. the photos show the veteran tractors, rally-cars and fancy bikes, all taking thrilled villagers around the village with their relevant speeds and noise. And of course all the football/cooking/table-tennis etc etc competition. So photos show a medley of all above, decide which goes with which bit... also you can see the new beautiful features of the culturehouse, we won loads of money through various grants.