re-settled in Hungary from Rochdale, Lancs, England, and into a little village, doing a bit of greenish farming hoping for a quiet life... but stuff just happens...

Saturday, May 28, 2016

still here - just a few more pics

concentrate on Juci's megasandwich. Cherries look ok but not the best this year. all is green and beautiful - feel bad leaving the lettuces behind - they'll be so good so soon... well, there are lettuces every year, but Marc get wed not very often and Toronto sounds exciting... we got detailed instructions how to endure the flight... will be in touch...

Friday, May 20, 2016

probably last in May, see you in Canada!

More weird insects this year than I remember, including those little red flower-like growth on leaves, see photo. Also we have the invasion of tiny dead flying ants. A had to sweep them up this morning from the kitchen floor. I can't see them today. Also Alan saw a good sized snake - don't tell Erzsi, she won't come over ever again. Unfortunately by the time I went out with the camera it was gone. Alan was convinced it was a viper, it was over a meter long and beautifully patterned. But it was just a large specimen of a grass-snake, as it turned out, checked on the internet. Also today - a bunch of honey-bees from Nora's plot, that I heard swarming, from our toilet window, is settled in Erzsi's front yard on a lilac bush. Our honey-man (who supplies us with locally made honey) is on his way to get them. So we are definitely having an interesting life-sciences day today... we couldn't do justice with the photo, not daring going to near, but the dark/black bit is all bee. The other photos are; a better one of the fitness room I hope, the wood-workshop in the yard of the council. Oh, and there was a big do in the village culture house, the local ethnic german council is 20 years old, there was the usual slightly tedious program, food and dance.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

have I mentioned a wedding?

Well, it's Martin and Sharon if I have not, it happens on the 18th, in Toronto, in Sharon's mum's apartment, a small affair, even if turning out to be a bit bigger than the kids planned. Main thing is that they are happily sharing their clever little world. We are off to Canada on the 2nd June (after a few days in Budapest), and return on the 29th. Meanwhile the ducklings are growing, soon relocating with the rest to Dodi's ; we harvested the siberian berries, they look giant on the photo, but in fact they are about 2cm or less, and a bit tasteless sour and not enough of them to cure all our ills, even if they are supposed to... Dodi chopped off the ill bits off the fur-type trees in the front of the other house, they are ill, it is some sort of epidemic. They had to be sprayed, too. The eating grapes here also have some sort of flea, which again needed to be sprayed - so not to organic these stuff. There is a fresh picture of Pecs operahouse from last week's gallivanting; and the Kiskassa view as seen from our front bench a few hours ago. And the spring fields on one of our walk to Pecsdevecser got ourself soaked, umbrella was not much help. it has been raining every day for ages, and the forecast is not good, doesn't look good for the cherries... So, Alan is doing all his planting and grass cutting, and me as little as I can get away with. Our futurelearn courses are starting tomorrow, one about anxiety, one about propaganda and ideology of our time... I started arguing already, fun, fun, fun.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Kiskassa May-day fun

not a sunny day, but not cold and the pomised rain did not (quite) materialised. The gulyas soup was very nice out of the cauldron, especially as we did not have to put in the work - we had the pensioner's team product, of course, that won first prize. Later, after the Leicester-MU match, Dodi and Timi had a look of the little ducklings, and liked them of course and followed the usual jamming - Dodi and Alan guitaring, Timi singing, I'm doing crosswords in the next room and shouting translations as necessary.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

ps: surprise ducklings!

yes, the escapee flyer mummy duck appeared today with 11 beautiful day-old ducklings in toe! They must have come down from the loft, as one duckling was rescued from the ground-up grain drum, where it could only got to from above. Anyway, we are all getting our calm back after catching and cutting the fly-feathers from mummy, catching the rest and putting them hopefully safe, see pic. Dodi doesn't know yet, but we hope to re-unite them with the rest there - in their new home in Pecsdevecser. You try to reduce your stock, and this is what happens!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

still here

Dodi's kite (which was flying after our outside table-tennis session was disrupted by strong wind); Kiskassa fitness room (inside table tennis) ; front flowers, our new dinky bbq not yet tried, waiting for Drew; weird Black-Forest ham or bacon bit we were given by the German lady who materialised yesterday and took no for an answer and stayed (very happily) in not-cleaned and freezing cold guest house and is coming back again next week; the updated spring front view, the little flower insisting growing from stone. Some supermarket items (british marmalade flavoured yoghurt) ; And whatever I've forgotten. Dilemma: are we going to the Kiskassa May-Day do with free food, drink and table tennis competition, and cover if the prognosticated rains come, or are we going to the first ever Pecsdevecser lake-side pick-nick, with our own food and getting wet... Well, I think we have to decide on the day. Also in a small Siklos butique we bought daddy a suit and me a nice suit-jacket, so we can be elegant, if we really really want to. All Hungarian made, as we found out to our surprise, we were sure it must have been Chinese for the price. I like little shops like that where you are the centre of attention of the sole owner, who's dying of boredom anyway.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Kiskassa cemetery

just more spring walks, plus a meal in"Tenkes" with Vic and Maggie. and the refurbished playgrounds.