re-settled in Hungary from Rochdale, Lancs, England, and into a little village, doing a bit of greenish farming hoping for a quiet life... but stuff just happens...

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

early winter in Milnrow

unfortunately I cannot work out how to get my lovely Manchester an Milnrow autumn - winter photos on Grandad's rather lousy PC - so they have to wait until we get back to Kiskassa. Grandad is doing better than his PC - he is his cheerful self, looking after Muriel most evening, warming up and serving tea for both of them. He is a little bit wobblier than last year, but otherwise as active as can be - with lots of telly. We've seen friends, been to Rochdale and saw Manchester xmas market. And lots of telly. Szonya was here first weekend, took us 4 old'ns out the good girl as she is, very pleasant meal in the place next to the lake. meanwhile Lois and Judith are both having non-too-serious but of course still worrysome operations, hope all is well this time next week. Erzsi reported, that our wood is sawed up, and Bonzo is ok, upto mischief, but managed not to escape. so, more when back.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

remember, remember...

so right on the 5th we had the most wonderful bonfire night, started with Drew's bogrács lamb gulyás and continued with the most fantastic home-done fire-works - Dodi came over with Kristóf, our own fire-work specialist. He's a lovely lad, with a lot of fascinating hobbies... but he's a pro, actually working for the past years for a local fire-work manufacturer, and had been invited to a Genoa fire-work festival this summer! Anyways, it was abs fab, if a bit frightening, like "real" fireworks going off 15meters from you... was well visible from Pécsdevecser we were told. A few days before - or was it after? We visited Máriagyüd, which is part of Siklós on a hillside and is a pilgrimage place where the Virgin chose to appear in the 18 hundreds and is making a nice little income from the visitors ever since. The EU (!) gave tons of money to the village to make up the place. Anyway, as we went to a suggested paint-shop there (for wood-rot curing stuff, very good shop, helpful owner) we had a little walk round thus the photos. Yesterday in the new pizza-bistro in Újpetrol, there was an enjoyable little music evening; local sheep and goat man Robi borrowed Alan's electric and with Dodi, they had a tidy little rock gig, some Hungarian numbers that were not that old and better than expected. Pizza is so-so, kebab and palacsinta better. As for Trump - this is my opinion more or less exacly: finished European Culture and Politics - enjoyed it with decent chance to argue. Fresent lot on "The mind is flat" is fairly docile - but than it is done by a business school... it is also reading and crossword season. Bonzo still happy, and hasn't sneaked out what - for about 3 days... question what to do now that we got so close and sentimental (started to cry when I go to the shop!) - we will be away for nearly a month... he might move to Erzsi's, or something.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

mid october adventures

Girls been here for a full - 2 days, was it... but we had a nice time even made it to Szigetvár. Sorted Vera's jewellery... Bonzo managed to ascape and been attacked and bit by something, but as he looked sort of nearly dead we assumed he was poisoned, and sadly thought he just quietly goes to that forever sleep... but after 3 days, he decided to live a bit more and seem to be nearly back to normal, we wonder if he'll climb out again - we haven't managed to work out where - more chicken wire will be applied. I am doing another Futurelearn, this time European culture and politics, tons of chance to sometime even decent arguments. Marc and Sharon got their tickets for a Budapest nearly xmas, winter will be over real fast with Sz+Dr coming for bonfire night here to Kiskassa then we off toEngland on the 17th for 3 full weeks. Today we had fun and adventure in a very foggy landscape. we got a word, that a real skeptic - even the new list-owner! will be in Mohács with one of those posh river cruse boats, so we drove over. Just finished our lovely fish-soup and roast zander when we had the message that they don't let them disembark and that they are 3 miles up from town in the closed customs area. So we decided to look them up there when we sow this big boat reversing into the little peer in front of us, and there was Rick, in shorts and panama hat waving... they let us on, and after we were re-assured that they let us know when the boat is starting off to Budapest, we had nice chat and coffee... and of course the boat started up with us still on... but we were not far when Alan informed the staff... and the giant boat reversed for us back, but did not bother with the safety bridge, and so we jumped from about 1.2meters height very bravely without braking any bones or flattening the elderly and frail sailors catching us... forgot to say, we went with Vic and Maggie to the Bohemien Beer Kitchen, we must take Szonya and Drew there...

Sunday, October 09, 2016

free Bonzo and new flash bus-stop...

... built by the communal workers, absolutely fantastic - Újpetre, Kozármisleny eat your heart out! Yes, Bonzo is freed and gets out any chance he has and bark like mad at nothing much at times, but Alan loves it this way... Népszabadság the broadsheet my parents and I have been readin all these years - the biggest opposition daily - just been shut down by Orban's lot - basically as an act of vengence... quite upsetting, this is the next level on the way to fascism. I think our dear leader is going totally bonkers - he had a lovely fall on the face not having his referendum validated - maybe that added to his apparent madness. Nevertheless he has his 3.3million voters - because Jobbik is part of his support whatever is their latest lie about it. All very upsetting - we should have our stuff ready to leave before people start disappearing in prisons like in Turkey. Try to calm down - walnut picking is good for that... the beautiful autumn is continuing, if at night rather chilly.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

gorgeous indian summer

Boully beautified our disintegrating egyptian puff, and we had a nice time all in all.Other news: Erzsi's Zsuzsi and partner are moving back to the village in the bank-loan-problem-abandoned house, fixing it up as well as the bank repayments. So they are very busy with that. I'm glad that's all sorted. Geese been moved to the front again last week, one of them promptly took off for a village sightseeing, but heroic Alan with Pete managed to catch it and trim the wings without major injuries. We went to see Ripoff Raskolnikoff and Des-o-drom in Pécs and had some nice sitting about with drinks and nice meals. Boully was staying home knitting. We might go to Hollókő next week with Jutka's crowd for a couple of days, it is a good deal in this beautiful village in the Mátra in this posh looking wellness hotel. Our dog-posters were taken down (again).