re-settled in Hungary from Rochdale, Lancs, England, and into a little village, doing a bit of greenish farming hoping for a quiet life... but stuff just happens...

Friday, November 21, 2014


it was a very decent outing - the only worry was having dad been a bit wobbly, ups and downs - like somebody else I shouldn't mention - but he and Muriel are quite well in fact, and we had a nice time. Budapest and London was great, too, Szonya took as to Bloomsbure theatere to a "science show-off" with researchers talking about their subject in a "stand-up" fashion, very entertaining, often funny and on top of all that informative, too. Met some of Szonya's colleagues, nice pubs, food. Wemet the usual friends up North, weather was ok. Back here we found ourselves with new tennants - more about that next time. Just turning winterish now, Alan just put in all the extra curtains and stuffings between the double windows. But had last raspberry still - a very large one, I let Alan have it in the middle of his porridge. A big bawl of paprikas from the greenhouse - most greenish, but a good few proper yellow ones - plus 2/3 bucket of figs - vow. I made my first fig-jam. Erzsi looked after things nicely and even tidied the larder, that vas ready for it. hm - sorry maybe this blogging had it - can't make it more interesting - even though our life still is, honest. the chocolet fudge pudding and the cider were had in the Gallows, very pleasant afternoon with Adele and Andrew. I forgot to mention, that we were spoiled rotten by everyone, starting with Marta and Szonya, and finishing with Judith, who put us up and taxied us all over the place. And it was so lovely to see Evelyn well and beautiful and clever. A new non-taxi taxi compani to remember in Budapest, can be booked on, ride from Airport half price of the now extraordinarily expencive official lot.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

antique treasure

no, not Alan, but the lamp he found last Sunday walking Pécs market. Man said it was from a synagogue, I think it is small for that, and internet info says was used for sabbath at homes. It is a whale-oil lamp, if you believe the catalogues anyway, he is chuffed. Well, the new season got here, stays around 10C during the day, but dismal rain&wind stopped. Should break wallnuts, hunt down still occuring figs and raspberries, process black reddish (can be used like kohlrabi as well as reddish for salad) and chard still going strong, as is amazingly paprika in the poly-tunnel. but I feel like not doing anything today, got a good book on kindle... fire is going, heating is going, curry in the fridge. I am comfy and I'm fed up with all this produce looking at me accusingly. Next weekend we are off to Budapest and to Milnrow, returning around the 17th nov, if you won't hear from me.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

a day in the life...

a bit dark and rainy for the last two days, but warm - upto 20 during the day - it was 30 earlier in the week, when short-term wwoofer Miki Szilárd did lots of good works, did not let me do any dishes, alltogether lovely - 34 years old (like some other people) and our first Swiss, speaking good english with a delightful french accent. Even daddy liked him and told him he can come back. and was more left wing than us!! A rare occurrence. Oh, before I forget, Szondzs, we decided to stay home for New Years, to let you be for a few weeks... and the local do wasn't too bad last year. Have I mentioned, that Erika was duly re-elected 110:53 very good turnout us Kiskassa democrats... collected about a kilo figs, (got wet because the trees are junglish and were wet from rain) half kilo paprikas and 3 raspberries this morning... 23rd will be a 4 day weekend here, two sheep will make it to the freezer. probably into Erzsi's as this one is full. The one in the other house broke down a few months ago poor thing, it was a good sweedish make must have been at least 40 years old, bought it re-conditioned when in Hallcroft Gardens. taking cats to Siklós vet second shot of inocs this evening. If we can catch them. Very good hunters, they are now all over the place. Cirmi will be really large. thinking about leaving them out at night, they not keen coming in, even around midnight, they come in for a cuddle, sniff the food and off they shoot if we don't close the door quick enough.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

october raspberries extra

here is the evidence, going on the breakfast porridge to accompany the tablets...

Friday, October 03, 2014

pick of the day

Can those city people identify the three different things I collected a couple of minutes ago? Otherwise see duck family, goose nest and pumpkin still-life. I have a bad cold, we had to call of our trip, sadly.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

midweek extra

The other day we were surprised, with the missing muscovy, walking about proudly with 7 newish duckling following in line!! It seems, there was a secret laying and sitting location - good enough to be hidden from us and from the foxes. Also discovered in the sheep pen a neat goose nest with two giant eggs in it. So how come the sheep haven't stepped in it?? Alan now made a little frame around it, so this cannot happen in the future either, we have less sheep to do any trampling, as big mummy sheep and the bigger of the now adut lamb, gone visiting the daddy sheep in Újpetre.It is very late in the year for laying eggs, if a goose don't sit on them in a week, we have to eat all those eggs... Also we have little rabbit escapades, it turns out, it is a design-fault in this locally supplied special rabbit cage. Kittens having a good time giving them a chase at times - they are mostly on the front lawn, very idyllic scene... we catch them periodically with Lois's long serving Miscellaneous Animal Catcher and Holder Device (Macho for short) There was the village meeting last night - Erika a nicely and cleverly screened a little docu about her period as mayor - lots of good stuff happened in spite of the dire economic climate and special screwing of little powerless, poor villages. (I listed most of them in the blog). Afterwards nobody contributed, asked, moaned!! They were sitting there like schoolchildren in front of a frightening teacher! I think this is good for Erika - nobody could find anything to pick on her (in public at least) The one opposition candidate Gyuszi, the shopkeepers' husband, truckdriver and shopworker a few days a week - sat there like the others not saying a dickybird. He is a kind, popular man, but totally unsuitable for the job, I have no idea why he is standing, never mind. Hopefully, the villagers won't be stupid enough to vote for him (except his fairly large circle of relatives) Election on the 12th, watch this space. There are a better selection of candidates for rep than last time, even if yours truly is not standing...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

more activities

Erzsi is ok, it was basically a serious panic attack, she is back to what counts as normal for her presently. The brigade also re-materialised, when the rains stopped and did some cleaning, if not a lot, meanwhile there might have been trouble between them and the village, the mayor is coming when they get back today, we ask them to leave most probably. Other - I am sending a few updates about some of present live-stock. The first batch of rabbits qualified for the freezer status yesterday. Second just getting weaned. Stopped picking raspberries, only the unripe ones are ok now, The black reddishes are the new stars, cooked them into veg curry, very nice.Also, of course, for salad, grated with my version of kefir-saladcream. JUtka was in the region with friends, we visited where they stayed in Helesfa, nice walk, chat. Next day we joined them in Pécs -made it after 9 years into the mining museum, enjoyed it, though wasn't as scary as Lois made me believe. Then harvest festival this weekend - managed to miss last nights cabbage-bean meal - still recovering from Barna's chestnut pancakes; did smell nice... todays pensioners' day program and meal really did it for the weekend... though tomorrow getting corn from the co-op, Tuesday village meeting - the last one of the present "administration' of which I was proud elected representative - but that was it, got the t-shirt, I am not standing again. Wednesday we are going to the Opera House to see a special dance-festival evening of 3 first class ballet groups. Thursday we're supposed to be off to Budapest - I am due a weekend with the girls, Alan will be looked after by Jutka. it some how accelerated lately... Photos show the progress of the tangerine-tree, some of the above happenings, the green stuff still growing, the harvest march which included some wedding dress exhibits and Béla, who helped with the serving at the old people do.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

lazy autumn blog

so, what can I do, time flies - not that any of you'd been missing the blog... there were a few weeks of quiet farm-life with tons more processing of produce - one has to do something with it... pickled paprikas and cabbages, grape juice, etc - while rabbits are growing, lambs ditto, freezers full - we have to decide what to do, as we plan quite a lot of time away this winter. Alan started a free course on the internet about psychiatry or something - he should tell you about it. If I were a bit more diligent, I'd tell you all about the fairly diverse reading matter we are going through lately. Like my present one My isl@m by Amir Nasr amongst other fairly informative stuff, making me feel guilty about not using this "blogosphere" in a more productive way. anyways, we had a mini-break, went to Lake Balaton, where we haven't been for yonks, with the excuse of attending my aunt Edith's (in her 91st year) exhibition (graphics) in a gallery of a pretty little village in Lovas, North side of the lake. Unfortunately, we had to come home a bit earlier, as Erzsi is not feeling well, they had the emergency doctor out who thinks is angina, but the silly woman wouldn't go into the hospital "they don't do anything over the weekend" the mind boggles. Also it seems the building worker brigade left us in a hurry - suspicious circumstance maybe, I thought they suddenly decided to go home to Mezőtúr, their place of origin in the Alföld (allegedly) as they left their van and loads of materials and their weight-lifting aids, and tons of cloths - and rubbish and filth - and thought they would return when the rain stopped - but alas, not jet since last Wednesday. I have no idea how long to wait and what to do. Oh, they do owe for two weeks' rent... I wouldn't mind that much if they haven't promised that they'd clean up - they did keep it ok until the last few weeks. The photos show a nice walk to our local fishing lake a week or so ago on a wonderful afternoon without rain - rare lately. A few about the village -same time. Then the Balaton trip - first day we stayed in a lake-side hotel in Balatonalmádi, next day in one in Alsóőrs, near the little harbour and it's pretty park. Sorry about unsorted and tons of them - I realized the volume is not limited anymore, makes one lazy. Hope you like some of them.