re-settled in Hungary from Rochdale, Lancs, England, and into a little village, doing a bit of greenish farming hoping for a quiet life... but stuff just happens...

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

back to Kiskassa spring

So dad's 92nd was duly celebrated! Milnrow treated us well, with hardly any rain and lots of sunshine. Besides the bday meal in the winepress, and a nice weekend with Szondzs, we managed the old local friends get together for a real Tenerife tapas - in the village. Checked on Manchester, went to Sam's Chophouse, where Alan has never been before! As you see, we managed to meet Lowry at the bar, and Judith came, too. Dragged home a base-guitar - don't ask... Back spring was stuck for a few chilly days but ok now, everything getting green, and planted, including our banana tree! Houses are beautiful clean, Erzsi and Tibi done the windows, doors everywhere, and chopped the iffy fir tree in front of the other house, it looks a bit bare, will need some beautifying. Got 7 goose eggs - will come handy for Easter as will the cca 150 eggs... though hens now having a bit of a time-off, they did well, we had loads of eggs all winter long. Photos are Milnrow, Hollingworth lake, Manchester - some nice ones of the Royal Exchange and what i mentioned.Oh, and I started a new Futurelearn course: Health and inequality - plenty of scope for arguments!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

spring time

off to Bp and Milnrow tomorrow - had a few lovely days,today was really hot! Everything is budding, even flowering. and there were 5 (FIVE!) babies born in the village in February. Usually this is the number for 3 years... Alan was present in Budapest on the first Snooker Gala there; I saw the film "Of Body and Soul" which got the golden bear in Berlin, it was good - and the cinema was full! Alan was feverishly planting and doing other stuff outside. I shelled walnuts... my new little notebook crashed all the time, so took it back, but they can't find what's wrong with it, so they don't wanna change it. And you can see the starters for our Gruzian (georgia, ex Soviet) meal, extremely nice. Lots of walnuts.

Friday, March 10, 2017

more light

so Alan is either doing garden - he ploughed and managed to more or less fill the lion-trap, or argues with people on the face-book Corbyn forum, getting stressed continuously from all the rubbish. I was a bit of a coach potato lately, between reading, doing my present Futurelearn course, which is actually very good and allows me to have a few decent debates, and the Lead Educator likes everything I contribute! This what it's called: Discovering Socially Engaged Art in Contemporary China City University of Hong Kong and it is showing projects involving immigrant workers - millions of whom actually made all the present wealth of the recent middle and oligarch class there, a lot of interesting stuff. Népszava still printing my letters, and there are a lot of them, as in nearly every issue something makes me angry enough to write... it seems there are a few of us frequent letter writers, but as per usual, I am the only proper socialist leftwinger, all the others are too busy with telling us how bad the present regime is, like if we didn't know... or about the silly wrangling of the so called opposition, with no policies to discuss. i get no response at all to my letters, except a private sulking e-mail from Friss Robert when I criticized a tiny bit one of his articles... We have now only 9 chickens left, but they are laying nicely, got about 120 eggs... Bonzo looks good and healthy, even a bit fat and is very happy about been alowed in front, he sleeps at the front door. I got my new notebook kisbordo replacing heroic 6 years old kifli that started to have very green monitor. Got it from Siklós, where they loaded on the same set up. I love it, though it froze up a few times and the people couldn't work out why, see how it goes. Alan is due for his annual heart control tests next week, keeping our fingers crossed. We'll have our big wedding ani (44!!) eating out then, we were too busy this week. Alan is also making a sgooti box and bought a bass guitar we have to haul back from England. As for plans: we are going for a Budapest Snooker gala next weekend and flying to see grandad and get his bday celebrated, and spend 10 days, going on the 24th. We booked Aghios Andreas again for next winter. I put in fotos i forgot about last time. After all these years we visited P;csett a Vasvári ház. Oh, Jutka and a friend of hers stayed for the weekend. The other house was not rented out thanksfully, so friends and relations can stay there.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

sunny at last

wow it stayed in draft send it now, new post soon
mostly it was depressing, cloudy, cold - we are resolved to spend next winter in warmer climate again. Not much of excitement excepting the usual trepidation about universal stupidity taking hold, we are spending too much time arguing and getting stressed on the internet.*** After all these years, we actually went round the Vasvári house in Pécs, it was worth it. As nice inside as outside. *** Had a long weekend BP for Alan to meet trainspotting friend and Dorka's bday. Seen good exhibition in the castle, Orszagh Lili, and decent film "Welcome in Norway" with Marta. Off we go again for *** Jutka's 70th bday this wkend. Photos show a bit of BP, a bit of Kiskass, Pecs and Siklos. Oh, and I am getting my pretty new slim and ***red note-book tomorrow. Alan worked tons around, tidying yard, cutting back stuff etc. The village's ***Zsolti died amongst the usual cull of older people this winter, such as Eta neni, the most diligent reader and poorest person. Glad to say, no death was due to the cold, Erika mayor was very good at allocating the dole-workers to check up on people. Zsolti was kept warm in the dole-workers common room, they used the comfortable, heated pensioners' day-centre, he was fed and was given enough wood every day. Alas, it was alcoholism induced thrombosis in the leg that done him in. The whole village turned out for the funeral, we felt a bit of cheapskates, as all other flowers were more expensive and beautiful than ours.

Monday, January 30, 2017

cold january

a visit to the frozen Balaton, first time ever, impressed. Also surprise revolving water-tower-top in Siofok, with a cafe!! Just like Toronto! ** Dorka had her first birthday - pleasant afternoon, and now we have to put together a handwritten letter for her only to be opened on her 18th! Juci promised that 1. Dorka will be able to read hand-writing 2. English. I believe the second one... I'll wait for a super optimistic mood for this, maybe in the spring... winter was interesting for awhile, but now we had enough of it, thank you. ** Moxie's daughter, at Dodi's had two little'ones, but for an obscure reason after a couple of days she took an intense dislike to the white one, so poor Dodi has to use all sorts of maneuvers to get the poor, sad thing fed. ** hens are still laying well, must be an early spring on the way, surely. ** 2 more of my letters were published in Népszava - absolutely no reaction from the other allegedly 18K readers. I've written two more since - can't help it, I am an opinionated b-d, as some of you know, and there's so much idiocy one can take... let's see if they will publish them, too. oh, and some people from the "left-wing block" of the MSzP got in touch with me, apparently they like my stuff... I invited them for chat, poor old lonely and sad dears...