re-settled in Hungary from Rochdale, Lancs, England, and into a little village, doing a bit of greenish farming hoping for a quiet life... but stuff just happens...

Thursday, October 05, 2017

october fare

hm.. an other month passed by... Alan had a short visit to dad, I went to stay with Jutka. Both went well, Alan fell in love with Manchester, I built a trusting relationship with fantastic Dorka, who calls me Éa. Hm... Getting ready to go, while enjoying a nice indian summer - tomorrow it supposed to drop 10 degrees and go horrid... but today I picked sorrel, figs and raspberries... I also seen some films while in Budapest; The Jupiter's moon (didn't like much) Welcome in Germany (quite liked) and the entertaining commercial queen Judy Dench with the indian servant fling thing. Also tennised quite a bit. pics show some I might have forgotten to put on before, plus a couple of nice houses I liked the look of in Pecs, plus the Finn festival, demonstrating the game for which we have the bits left by some finn wwoofers, but were not aware of the rules - uptil now. It'll come with us to Greece! oh, and that's Marta's grand-daughter with the lion... they grow up so fast... Getting ready for the big snow-bird trip to Aghios Andreas; car was fettled for tons of moneys, I had been checked out as blood pressure gone to new heights - without having any effect on my feeling ok, have to take tons more pills, but was told that Greece should do good... so long - maybe next time from Greece...

Friday, September 08, 2017

there are figs after all!

I wanted to start with september raspberry and fig pictures of stuff I collected today, but alas, I ended up eating into the still-life without thinking. Yes, we just about got through the bottling season - I promised not to do any more after yesterday's ketchup, which turned out nice, except that I managed to put a bit of the boiling stuff on my thumb, ouch. Didn't help, that later on a very confused hornet, that was one hit on the head, but than disappeared out of sight, managed to find its vengeful way to my unsuspecting, crossword-concentrating bum and had a largish bite! Other ouch, and uncomfortable sleep... which reminds me, that I had a 24 hour blood pressure monitor on me giving even less sleep a few days earlier - yes, my bp is up and up, Alan's heart-spec doc kindly included me in the pre-Greece checkup - I have to take extra pill, and have to do something about high cholesterol - even though I'm sure it is genetic, we eat hardly any fat - except the odd cake... and icecream... damn... While all this happened, we had Szonya and Drew for a few days, including the usual bogracs, and a nice afternoon visit from Marta's lot - including 4 lovely various granddaughters. before that Jutka was here for here usual lightening visit, and dragged us to the newish Bökös festival, that was similar to the Ördögkatlan which we missed this year, had a good evening, including music, stalls, and a meal in the Kemes halászcsárda, yum. I'm off to Krakow with the girls for a near 50 year old jubelee trip - it was our first trip together there in 1969... I think we'll miss out on the hitch-hiking and the admiring glare from the male polish population, but, still, we usually manage to have a good time together... after that Alan goes to see dad, and after that we rapidly have to get ready for the Big Trip back to an Agios Andreas winter, this time Hippo taking us. Done two fururelearn: "Lottery of Birth" by the OU - mediocre and "Building a future with robots" Sheffield uni, fairly good. also, free tennis! Atlast - because Jutka dragged me, we did find out about the Ujpetre court and it is free, 24 hours per day!!! The net is crap, but we solved it with clever thinking. The surface is proper, the place is pleasant. should have done it before. we had a good go with Szonya, twice! Alan promised to go with me....

Saturday, August 19, 2017


yes, had to acclimatise again into 35C+, bottling and freezing stuff - lots of tomatoes and sweetcorns, and now grape-juice to make. Otherwise - we've been to Pecs only once since back - nice afternoon made a bit dark as facing to Szechenyi square from the Pecsi Sör terrace, we had to witness a fascist crowd mascarading as the animal defence league... well, at least it wasn't very well attended - 50/60 people and hopefully some of those were not quite aware what they were dragged into... Also we had a nice day in Kaposvar, attending a concert as part of the classical music festival there. We managed to activate and use out GPS - which is good omen for our not-so-far-off drive to Greece. We are in the middle of our annual - 12th - Festival of Light, we had a good little show by two members of the Pecs National Theatre, and a nice communal meal. We chickened out most of todays competitions (too hot, and humid) and sadly, will miss out on the strudels prepared by about a dozen of the elderly womenfolk, I tried to video, sorry, for some reason, upside down.

Monday, July 31, 2017

part 4