re-settled in Hungary from Rochdale, Lancs, England, and into a little village, doing a bit of greenish farming hoping for a quiet life... but stuff just happens...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

ecohun details - to whom it may concern...

as we lost our website... to whom it may concern... Marc, maybe we should engage that website again... just in case... being out of date is better than nothing... landline: +36 20 919 4813 mobile +36 20 919 4813

Sunday, June 21, 2015

midsummer, or start of summer

but after a couple of weeks of heat now back to lovely early May weather with chilly mornings, but with June's raspberries and black cherries. Alan is back, did well organising a bit of care for his dad, who seems to be recovering from a week of hospital stay. However, as he enthusiastically got back to the garden-stuff, when filling The Hole he pulled a muscle behind his knee. Couldn’t stand on it first so was a bit frightening but getting better quickly - except for the strong tablets the doctor prescribed that are not good with everything else except that particular bit. So after being released from farm duty I am back, not to my biggest pleasure. Photo shows him with his zigger-zagger machine before doing that muscle in. I forgot to mention, that besides Hippo being cleaned and MOT-d earlier by AutoAttila, the garden and the paths were beautifully cleared of weeds, by Magdi, who is a very efficient workaholic. Oh, and managed to organised the sheep being sheered by a Vok@ny very talkative retired shepherd. Fantastic job, by hand, he derided electric stuff. very cheaply. He cut the nails, too. Said they were nice large sheep. And now very happy, running about about 10kg lighter. I finished my first Futurelearn course "what is the mind" that I viewed with some skepticism as in the first lecture to word "neuropsychoanalysis" was introduced... Anyway, as it happened the course was ok, I did learn a few things and had lovely discussion with the other participants. I registered for 2 more courses from September. By the way, Juci is preggies. Got a good looking street bench, all who applies gets it from the council. Also, free food pack was distributed to all permanent residents of the village - gave ours to Erzsi's. There was a free lecture about family-tree research in the Telehouse, fairly interesting, but left after 90minutes of it, chair was not comfy. Happy father'sday. and bday to Carole and Chris. Oh, we received some delicatessen french coffee from Carole, they are back from their Paris trip. We have two tabbie visitors, one more permanent then the other. He just eats, meows, and sleeps, I cannot see any inclination to catch mice. Bit choosy in the food an'all. Done worming and de-fleaing (hopefully) We'll see how permanent this is before neutering. Very friendly. Too much mindering.

Monday, June 08, 2015

june nutshell

so Alan is away for over a week now, and I managed to blow a hole in the garden and thereby find the no 72's old cellar, sorry no old wine barrel, or if there is, I am not the one to risk to climb down, so a few tons of soil can bury me. I am stacking hay! Well, had 3 sessions, and might be thats it, done about the third of Nora's half. Anna talked to me today - I think the village is impressed by my heroic if futile efforts to keep things normal... anyway she decided that she wants to donate us her hay - was stacked for us, and Tibi handcarted it to Bonzo's accommodation. Miska bacsi (who always gifted us beautiful black cherry wine, and who was The MTK supporter in the village, and Reynald's Margaret in Pecsdevecser died, very sad.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


lots of comings and goings, Alan is off to see his dad who needs help while sister is away and is in hospital at present, hopefully home soon. Health check-ups all good. We had a week of rain - unusual, seems over. Made cherries finish early, but we managed to eat tons. boully made some nice photos, nice to see how they're supposed to be...

Monday, May 18, 2015

spring vista

Budapest, Mothers' day, and various places, all good - got 6 new ducklings and 20 little chickens - this is downsizing a la us... not to mention that mother rabbit should deliver little ones any day... well, it -is- spring. Pete and Boully are here and putting in good wwooferings. We picked the first very nice early crispy cherries. I think I am going on a cherry diet. Eating nothing else for a week should do me good in every possible way. Started the FutureLearn "what is the mind" course - so far so-so. Very difficult to discuss with other students when there are hundreds of them. fotos are random stuff from what I just said - Budapest Danube bank, Kiraly utca, shop sign Alan liked, and mostly more spring Kiskassa. Oh, we also have cucumbers in the polytunnel, everything looks good, had some rain, and as the Hungarian saying goes, May rain worth gold.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

peaceful Sunday

mild, bit cloudy, all is well. Walked to shop, about twenty people waiting patiently for shopkeepers, who were supposed to open 20 minutes before. I just walked home - it is just the pre-breakfast exercise, with only soda water as the alibi buy - annoying this taking people for shit. anyway, yesterday had lovely afternoon in Pusztakisfalu, and Alan was promised a passage on a 12 meter sailsboat from Holland to Denmark, by some Dutch people we met who also have house in Pusztakisfalu. So he is a happy one. The music was nice in the tiny church, then the mulling about with cakes and wine among the trees in the village green. back here, I think it'll be veggie curry today - turned out dhal-ish, rather good, if unusual. Magdi salvaged more walnuts from the mess of the stables, (that now looks better than ever) she's fantastic. I might be shelling an other lot. Hm - could do it outside... (did tons.) oh, and about a hundred classic Mercedes cars passed our house in a leasurely pace with about half a km or more between them, as part of some sort of old-merc-club countrywide caravan, touching only chosen pretty places like ours. I forsaken lovely sharon-camera lately, as mobile so handy, even if the quality sucks. photos all were made in Pusztakisfalu.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

proper spring

we had another pleasant weekend in Budapest; the fateful meal went well with Norman and Ani, with Alan being good at strategic placing and being amiable. The gundel pancake was a disappointment, and Alan ended up with a very nuvo-couzine (sp?=tiny) steak and meal was drastically overpriced, but the main thing was to meet at last and nobody being unhappy. Went to a concert of classical guitar to the Zsolnai center and found a new bit - a beautiful room "Apostolok". It wasn't big but was full, Csaki Andras (hope I got this right) was the artist, and Vic and Maggie liked it too, and they know about these things. Another very enjoyable evening He played a piece by Rozsa Miklos - the other one. Took Erzsi and Tibi to Siklos yesterday to shop and afterwards had a look at Timi's new place in Harkany, and had cakes. She is infinitely better off then she was in the basically horrid house they rented in Kiskassa - for the same money - to my amazement. supposed to rain a bit today, but started with 15C at 7:30, so can't be bad. Chickens are happy and Bonz was not barking at me like mad, so it looks like a good day, though poor old Jani bácsi - his wife of 57 years suddenly died in a brain haemorrhage - "still planted beans last night" he said, we are quite upset. I thought uptil now that it was a second marriage, she looked so much younger than him. I attacked grasses (delicacy for rabbits and hens) in front of the house while waiting for icecream man (oops) and now worried about back, so far so good. Tomorrow table-tennis! It is arranged that nice village woman Magdi will clean other house and stables before Pete and Boully come. I hope she's perfectionist, would be nice to have it done properly once. Pictured are Siklos and Kiskassa views, our mandarin-tree (thank you bears) I cannot downsize photos with our new setup, that's why recently they are over 1M - I wonder how long before blogspot step on me, though they allow videos now - must have been changing to those large databanks I've heard about recently...